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ITOCHU's "Sampo-yoshi" Business Exhibition

ITOCHU Corporation (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Yoshihisa Suzuki, President & COO: hereinafter "ITOCHU") announced today that we will hold an exhibition to introduce our businesses for circular economy at ITOCHU AOYAMA ART SQUARE, the local hub of community contribution, from July 1, 2020. It exhibits the recycled polyester fiber RENU®, the mechanism of an Energy-from-Waste facility and grape seed oil produced in France that uses all grape seeds left after winemaking, by actual objects and visual materials.
The spirit of "Sampo Yoshi" (being good for the seller, the buyer and society) has been valued since ITOCHU’s foundation in 1858 and newly declared as the corporate mission in this fiscal year. Based on this spirit, ITOCHU contributes to a circular economy through businesses that generate newly added value by recycling resources.

自1858 年创业以来,伊藤忠商事一直恪守源于第一任创始人伊藤忠兵卫的“三方有利”的精神。

* It will be open with preventive measures against COVID-19.
* The opening status of the exhibition may change depending on future COVID-19 circumstances.
Refer to the latest information on this website or Facebook page.

Sponsor:ITOCHU Corporation
Period & Hours:Wednesday, July 1, 2020 to Sunday, August 30Friday, August 7, 2020
Because of the spread of COVID-19, the exhibition ended on Friday, August 7.

11:00 am to 5:00 pm (last admission), closes at 5:30 pm *Operating hours are shorter than usual.
Closed on Mondays. *If Monday is a national holiday, open on Monday and closed the following day.
Itochu Garden B1F, 3-1, Kita-aoyama 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061

ITOCHU's efforts to realize a recycling-oriented economy

  • [Textile Company]RENU® - a fiber-oriented recycled polyeste

    RENU™ is a fiber-oriented recycled polyester created with unused materials and used clothing that has been discarded. RENU™ solutions to the mass-disposal problem in the fashion industry will pave the way toward the realization of a circular economy.
    ITOCHU strives to contribute to a circular economy by spreading this project widely from producers and consumers, and nurturing it to benefit a circular economy.


    RENU® 是利用过去完全被废弃的剩余布料或用过的旧衣料制作而成,是一种来源于纤维的再生聚酯材料。我们的目标旨在解决服装业中的大量废料问题,努力实现循环型经济社会。伊藤忠面向从生产者到消费者的各个群体广泛推广和培育相关项目,为发展循环型经济做出自己的贡献。

  • [Machinery Company]Business to turn Waste to Resource

    ITOCHU has developed 5 EfW plants, four in the UK are in operation and one in Serbia is under construction, working together with SUEZ, the France-based global leader of environmental businesses as their strategic partner. EfW stands for "Energy from Waste". It literally produces energy from "waste"by way of generating electricity with extending disposal site life to minimize environmental burdens, which leads to a sustainable urban development for its future.


    伊藤忠与世界最大的环保企业 -- 法国苏伊士集团合作,在英国和塞尔维亚分别开展了 4 项和 1 项废弃物能源化 ( EfW ) 项目。 EfW 是“Energy from Waste”的缩写。顾名思义,就是指利用“废弃物”开发出再生能源,用于发电,同时还可延长垃圾填埋场的使用寿命,减少环境负荷,为建设未来的环保城市做出贡献。

  • [Metals and Minerals Company]Aluminum - a light-weight, recyclable metal

    Aluminum's light-weight, strong, beautiful to look at, and highly recyclable features have a wide range of application from constructionmaterials to aircraft parts. By replacing steel auto-parts with aluminum ones, cars can be of reduced weight and have better fuel efficiency.
    ITOCHU provides a stable supply of high-quality aluminum alloy, not only domestically but globally, and is expanding to more recyclable materials with the aim of reducing energy consumption and CO2emissions.


    金属铝的特点是不仅轻量、坚固、美观,还具有很高的可回收性,因此被广泛用作建筑材料、用于制造飞机等的各个领域。如果将汽车的铁制零部件替换成铝制品,不仅可减轻汽车的重量,还可提高燃料效率。伊藤忠不仅面向日本,还面向全球市场稳定地供应高品质的铝合金,控制能源使用、减少 CO2 的排放,扩大可回收再利用原材料的应用范围。

  • [Energy & Chemicals Company]Eliminating the Idea of Waste®

    On a mission of "Eliminating the Idea of Waste®" , TerraCycle has pioneered the recycling of a wide variety of products, even recovering traditionally non-recyclable goods. ITOCHU entered into a capital and business alliance with TerraCycle in September 2019. The alliance facilitates cooperation with TerraCycle® on a global scale to promote the recycling business, particularly in Japan and Asia. By combining TerraCycle®'s network with brand owners, recycling technologies, and operational knowhow of recycling programs, with ITOCHU Groupʼ s own network in and outside Japan, ITOCHU endeavors to create a new business model in the recycling area to promote the realization of a recycling-oriented society for sustainable global development.

    [能源· 化学品公司]“摆脱‘扔掉’这一概念”

    TerraCycle 公司抱着“摆脱‘扔掉’这一概念”的使命感,一直以来始终坚持回收难以循环再利用的物品,是将各种产品回收后成功地实现再利用的先锋企业。伊藤忠于 2019 年 9 月在资本、业务方面开始与TerraCycle 公司进行合作。通过该合作,伊藤忠与 TerraCycle® 在全球范围内共同开展业务,特别是在日本和亚洲地区,推进回收再利用事业的开展。此外,TerraCycle® 与很多大品牌公司之间构建有商务网络,拥有成熟的回收再利用技术以及对回收再利用项目的运营技巧,通过将这些优势与伊藤忠集团在日本国内外的商务网络相结合,在回收再利用领域创造出新的商业模式,推动循环型社会的形成,实现全球的可持续发展。

  • [Food Company]Zero-waste grapeseed oil

    European wine, French in particular, is known not only for its high quality but also for resource-recycling and being a recycling-oriented industry. After grapes, the raw ingredients of wine, are pressed to make wine, the residue is further used for various purposes. Grapeseed oil, in particular, is made of seeds carefully picked one by one from the residue following wine production. ITOCHU Corporation takes part in the business of a company producing 100% French-made grapeseed oil and supplies this highly sustainable vegetable oil to consumers around the world.

    [粮油食品公司]“全部”被利用 葡萄籽油

    欧洲 ( 特别是法国 ) 产的葡萄酒不仅质量高,而且作为原料的葡萄在经过压榨酿造成葡萄酒后,其碎渣被用于各种用途,成为广为人知的“资源再利用 / 循环型”产业。其中的葡萄籽油便是使用从葡萄酒酿造后的碎渣中一粒一粒精心收集来的葡萄籽制造而成的。伊藤忠商事通过参与 100%法国产葡萄籽油生产企业的事业,为全球消费者提供具有优异可持续性的植物油。

  • [General Products & Realty Company]Trace sustainable natural rubber

    Major production sites of natural rubber, a natural resource that isessential to our daily life, are located in the rural parts of Southeast Asia, such as in Indonesia and Thailand. Facing reported problems such as deforestation and the violation of local residentsʼ rights, there is a need for traceability as to who, when, and where. ITOCHU utilizes smartphone apps and blockchains to establish traceability of natural rubber, which was difficult in the past.



  • [ICT & Financial Business Company]Used smartphones contribute to arecyclingoriented economy

    Belong, an ITOCHU Group company, buys used smartphones around the world and sells them on the internet through the website "nicosuma.com" . The company adds new value to used products by reselling them after necessary inspection and maintenance, rather than disposing of them right away. It aims to contribute to arecycling-oriented economy by making use of finite resources.

    [信息· 金融公司]利用二手智能手机为循环型经济社会做出贡献

    伊藤忠集团公司的 Belong 株式会社从世界各地收购二手智能手机,并在网上【网站名称:nicosuma】进行销售。对于用过的产品,我们不只是一扔了事,而是在进行检查、修缮后予以再利用,赋予二手产品新的价值。通过有效地利用有限的资源,致力于为循环型经济做出贡献

  • [The 8th Company]FamiPay

    FamiPay is an all-in-one app that adds convenience and fun to daily shopping at FamilyMart stores by awarding points, coupons, and allowing smartphone payments, etc. FamiPay reduces the service time per customer at the cash register to one-third, realizing labor saving and deepening communication with each customer, by which FamilyMart, a subsidiary of the ITOCHU Group, develops its local sites to be sustainable. This is the company' s another initiative that will contribute to a recycling-oriented society.


    “FamiPay”是一款集积分、优惠券、智能手机结算等功能于一身的多功能应用程序,使用这些功能可以每天方便、愉快地在全家便利店购物。通过利用FamiPay 可将收银台的收款时间大幅缩短至原有的三分之一,减少商店的人工,可进一步加深与每一位顾客的交流,致力于在地区社会构建可持续发展的据点。这也是伊藤忠集团公司于全家便利店推动循 环型经济发展的新尝试。

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