Sugoroku JourneySugoroku Journey

“Sampo yoshi” (good for the seller, good for the buyer and good for society) is the trading philosophy of the Ohmi merchants who led to the present day of the general trading company of ITOCHU.

This is an exhibition you will participate in with a smartphone in your hand to learn about the leading Japanese business morals of “sampo yoshi” by following the history of ITOCHU on a sugoroku board distinctive of Japan.
Please experience ITOCHU’s journey to sustainability as we continue to further develop to this day through the “sampo yoshi” philosophy that we have implemented for over 160 years since our foundation.

ITOCHU Corporation
Chubei Itoh Memorial Museum (Toyosato Saibikai) / Archival Museum for the Faculty of Economics at Shiga University / Sampo Yoshi Research Institute / Higashiomi Omi Merchant Museum / Omi Jofu Traditional Crafts Center / ITOCHU Human Resources & General Affairs Services Inc.
Hideki Usami, Professor Emeritus of Shiga University

Theme:Sampo YoshiTheme:Sampo Yoshi

ITOCHU was founded in 1858 when an Ohmi merchant called Chubei Itoh I started mochikudari* with hemp. *Mochikudari = Trading by walking all over Japan while carrying actual articles and pattern sample books

Chubei I’s View of Business
"Trade is a compassionate business. It is noble when it accords with the spirit of Buddha by profiting those who sell and those who buy and supply the needs of society."

The phrase “sampo yoshi” came from this view of business. This spirit, which remains applicable to the present day, has been handed down to current times as the DNA and ITOCHU-style sustainability of our company.

Sugoroku Journey on Your Smartphone

The roads over mountain passes on which Chubei I performed mochikudari, the road to becoming a general trading company pioneered by Chubei II, and the roads crossing mountain passes on which ITOCHU took on difficult and unknown challenges: we would like you to vicariously experience those journeys to be able to even more deeply understand the picture of ITOCHU and the philosophy of “sampo yoshi”.

You too can become an Ohmi merchant with this!
Photo Spot

Put on a sugegasa hat, wear a dochu coat and carry a tenbin pole with goods hung on it to take on the form of an Ohmi merchant.
You can then take a picture of yourself.

Take a break with coffee Café Corner

The Café Corner is waiting for you once your Sugoroku Journey is over. We showcase the current activities of ITOCHU here. This is a space where you can sit and take a break. We use International FAIRTRADE certified beans imported by the Coffee Section of ITOCHU for our coffee (fee required).